Oro Drugs was established in 1969 by three pharmacist classmates (Teoman Erçak, Hikmet Orun, Coşkun Tuğlular) in the district of Fatih in Istanbul as an unlimited company.

By 1974, Oro Drugs was transformed to a limited company. Oro Drugs took over Figen Laboratories, which was located in the district of Yedikule in Istanbul in 1977, and continued to manufacture its own products until 1985. Afterwards, it continued to manufacture its products by contract manufacturing in different institutions in an up-to-date fashion

Oro Drugs, which leaped forward with the change in the partnership structure in 2002 continues to operate in accordance with the modern conditions of the present time with its gradually increasing structure.

Our Vision

  • To possess repayable products,
  • To target leadership in the market of OTC drugs,
  • To achieve a company position that leads the market,
  • To establish its own manufacturing institution with a high quality sense,
  • To work to enable marketing of OTC products only in pharmacies,
  • To get into international markets,
  • To increase its market share,
  • To be among the first ten companies in the Turkish Drug Market.

Our Corporate Values

  • Prioritizing honesty, respectfulness, reliability and reputation,
  • Manufacturing drugs with the highest quality and the lowest price for the human health,
  • Giving service throughout the country,
  • Having a believing, decisive and educated team,
  • Giving a qualified service in the healthcare system with competent and outstanding employees who are satisfied and who have confidence in the future,
  • Achieving the leadership in the OTC drugs market,
  • Abiding by the ethical rules in competition,
  • Producing innovative solutions for human health,
  • Considering the companies which give service in the drug sector as colleagues rather than opponents,
  • Working with a professional manner, amateur spirit and zero error.

Our Mission

  • To manufacture, market and sell antiseptic and disinfectant drugs,
  • To closely follow the market,
  • To present new products to service at a civilized and modern level by performing research and development studies,
  • To pursue promotion and sales operations in the scope of an action plan,
  • To move on with a vision and mission holder, and educated team,
  • To make physician and pharmacist selections in the best way to prevent waste of effort.